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Explore Destinations around the World with American Airlines

Travel is always fun and brings new experiences in life. If you are someone, who is hunting for better travel opportunities, counting on American Airlines is always the best choice for you. With American Airlines, you can get access to destinations across the globe. The airline does not offer you the advantage of flyer miles but also adds great flexibility to your travel life. Among the three major carriers in the United States, American Airlines offers incredible travel experience to travelers planning domestic and international vacations.

American Airlines does not only connect the United States to major destinations across the globe but also provides exceptional passenger services. American Airlines serves the concerns of 190 million passengers every year. The airline offers flights to around 80 domestic and 83 international destinations across, South America, Asia, and Europe.

Top Routes of American Airlines

American Airlines offers incredible services to its passengers. In fact, it offers exclusive offers on air tickets to keep the cost of traveling low. Check out the top routes that American Airlines flies:

  • ORD to CLT (4470+ flights per month)
  • DFW to CLT (5380+ flights per month)
  • ORD to DFW (4330+ flights per month)
  • ORD to PHL (4010+ flights per month)
  • CLT to DFW (4650+ flights per month)

American Airlines Baggage Allowance

If you are planning to fly with American Airlines, you are allowed to bring one personal item and one carry-on item at no extra cost. It is mandatory that your carry-on luggage must fit in the overhead bins or underneath the seat. There are specific weight limitations and dimensions that you must check for while flying with American Airlines. The dimensions for cabin bag are 56cm x 35cm x 23cm and the weight should not exceed 23 Kg.

Enjoy Luxury of Seating

American Airlines lets the passengers select exclusive seats that have more legroom around the seat to ensure they enjoy a comfortable and pleasant experience. The Main Cabin Extra allows passengers to sit relaxed and stretch en route to their preferred destination with extra legroom. The choice of seat and preferred seats are also the options made available by American Airlines to its passengers.

Check-In Options at Your Convenience

The airline does not let you feel discomfort when it comes to checking in for American Airlines flights. The comfort and convenience of passengers matter a lot to American Airlines. Now, you can prefer checking-in online 24 hours before the departing. You can start your check-in process easily while sitting at home. All you need to do is to hop on the American Airlines’ website and complete the check-in process online. Moreover, you can choose to check-in at the airport via kiosks. Now, no more hassles when it comes to choosing a check-in option according to your schedule and convenience.

There is nothing amazing than flying in comfort. American Airlines lets its passengers customize their trip according to their requirements. When you want to explore destinations around the world in comfort, nothing can be a better choice than American Airlines.