1. Why TravelOExpert Show “Sold Out” Does When Flights on the Flight Listing Page Shows Available?

Airfares fluctuate and change every minute depending on demand and availability. Seat inventory on a particular route may sell out unpredictably between the actual booking and your flight search. Airlines sometimes sell the available tickets at a higher price and we strive to show the fares on our website as quickly as possible.

2. Can I Request a Special Meal for My Flights?

Most airlines charge for meals. When you purchase a ticket, you can place a request for a meal. If you want to request a special meal, you are required to place a request at least 24 hours prior to the departing time.

3. How Can I Book an Infant Fare?

Infants under the age of 1 year can travel within the United States at no additional cost or as long as they seat on an adult’s lap. One infant is allowed to travel as a lap child per adult. You are required to pay a percentage of the adult fare if you are traveling with infants internationally. If you have any confusion about the infant fare, you can contact our customer support team anytime.

4. How Can I Select My Seat?

Yes, you can request a seat assignment at the time of booking. You can select a seat preference in the additional request area when submitting your details for booking. You can also click on request seat link, which appears under the flight details on your itinerary mailed to your registered email if you have already completed your reservation. You can also seek assistance from our experts for the seat assignment at the time of booking.

Please Note:
Some airlines charge extra for assigning your preferred seat. However, some airlines only assign seats 90 days prior to the scheduled departure.
The emergency exit row is blocked by the airline and can’t be pre-assigned. The seats are held for check-in at the airport on the departing date.

5. Can I Make Last-Minute Booking?

Some bookings are required at least three business days to process. However, you may find it tricky to make reservations at the last minute. You can also prefer last-minute booking, as the airlines launch last-minute price drop sale to help you make your escape affordable. If in case you need help with a last-minute booking, you can contact us at any time.

6. Can I Book Arrival into One City and Return from Another?

Of course, yes! In fact, you can plan your itinerary according to your needs. Our flight reservation tool will help you book your next itinerary in many cities. You can now fly into one city and return from another. You can click on the multi-city option and search your flights accordingly.

7. How Can I Book Itinerary with Stopovers?

You can book multi-city flights to avail the advantage of this facility. In fact, you can prefer booking your stopovers according to your choices, as we bring you options that suit your itinerary.

8. Is There Any Limit on the Maximum Number of Travelers That You Can Book Online in One Reservation?

Generally, you can book a total of nine passengers’ tickets on a single reservation. You can also consider the option of a group booking or send a group travel request if you have more than nine passengers. You must contact our experts to know more about group booking.

9. Is The Airfare Guaranteed?

Airfares are subject to change and we have no control over it. The airlines may change the airfares without giving you prior notice. Therefore, there is no guarantee of airfares until the final payment is received and the ticket has been issued. If your booking is not done and the airfares changed, you have to choose to accept and make bookings with new fares. For further details about the airfare guarantee, read out terms and conditions carefully or contact our experts.

10. Can I Change Existing Reservations?

If you are looking to make changes to your existing booking, you can contact our customers support team for instant help.
Please note that the airlines charge a flight modification fee. Moreover, you have to pay for the difference in fare depending on the flights you choose. However, you need to keep certain things in mind, as described below:
You can’t change travelers’ names.
You have to book with the same airline.
Changes of routes, dates and other details may not be changeable.
You have to cancel the original reservation before the departing date and time.
Some airlines don’t allow modification even with a fee.

11. When Should I Confirm My Booking?

You have to call the airline at least 72 hours before the departure time to reconfirm your reservations. You must also consider the same time frame to confirm your return flights.

12. What Should I Do If I Haven’t Received Confirmation Via Email?

Log on to the account that you are having with TravelOExpert and click on My Booking option located on the page. Now, fill out the required details to see the ticket information. Once you enter the details, you will be able to see the last three bookings and get a chance to see the details of your previous booking. Apart from this, you can contact our customer support team for instant help.

13. How Do I Know that The Airline I Choose to Fly with Has a Baggage Agreement?

You should look for a baggage alert in your itinerary. You can call the airline or check its official site to know what the baggage agreement is.

14. Do I Need to Reconfirm My Flight?

Yes, it is always good to reconfirm your tickets. You can call the airline directly to reconfirm international flights 72 hours in advance and domestic flights 24 hours in advance. Make sure the airlines know about any change in the itinerary. The airlines have the right to cancel your booking if reservations are not reconfirmed even if the ticket has been issued or not.

15. What Data is Required to Make Reservations?

When it comes to making reservations, passengers are required to provide data such as the full name of the passenger as it appears on government-issued ID, Date of Birth, Redress Number (If Available), and Gender.

16. What is the Difference Between Roundtrip, Multi-City and One Way Booking?

One-Way is when you fly from one city to another and will not book your return flights to the first location.
Roundtrip ticket is when you book air tickets to fly from one city to another with return flights.
Multi-City option lets you visit several cities and you can choose to spend time in layover cities to extend your itinerary.

17. Do You Offer Discounts to Senior Citizens?

Adults of over the age of 65 can avail discounts on air tickets if the airline allows. However, the airlines do not offer discounts on domestic flights and discounts are limited to international carriers too. We display the senior discount on our site if available for you.

18. Can I Get Further Discount or an Upgrade By Using Frequent Flyer Miles?

You can directly claim the discounts in the veil of Frequent Flyer Miles directly from the airline. You can contact your airline for further discounts.

19. What If My Travel Plan Gets Canceled and I Want Refund?

You can get the money refunded if you have booked refundable flights. The refund policies are set by the airline and TravelOExpert has no right to control the refund and cancellation policies set by the airline.

20. Can I Directly Call TravelOExpert to Make a Booking?

Yes, you can call us at any time and our customer support team is available 24/7 to help you out with the reservation process. Feel free to contact our customer support team to book your tickets on a phone call.